The National Football Center 141ha, Sports, Media Center and Hotel facilities.

BDP was commissioned to design a permanent training and education base for England’s National football teams and the Football Association’s Academy. The project would contain first class sports facilities, media center and a hotel.

FA Model-smaller

At the centre of the 141ha site will be the UK’s first full size indoor practice pitch, covered by the largest laminated timber grid shell roof in Europe. Additionally there will be viewing facilities, indoor sports and fitness facilities including a hydrotherapy unit and gymnasia will line one side of the pitch. As well as sports medicine facility that will have a suite of assessment and treatment rooms.

The Hotel will provide living accommodation for the elite England squad and academy students.

Sara formed part of the design team and develop the interior concepts and finishes. Unfortunately the project was never completed as the FA decided that to have a project of this size and Wembly being built at the same time may not be prudent.

FA Model 2-smaller