Sarah is a qualified Interior Designer with 20 years experience working in Sydney, London and Nassau.
She is Bahamian and her Bahamian registered business is Melvill Gardner Design.

Sarah believes deeply in creating spaces for people. Blending functionality and use of space with sustainable solutions for interior design, furnishings, textures, color, landscape and architecture all coming together to create irresistible places to live, learn, play and work.

Her most recent body of work was with Building Design Partnership (BDP) in London where she spent the last 10 years as an Interior Design Director. BDP is a multi disciplined practice specializing all sectors including Workplace, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Sport and Urbanism.

She specializes in strategic planning and brief development. Her unique understanding how people use space enables her to develop a brief with an emphasis on creating a future workplace, learning or healthcare environment that reflects the ethos of the business.

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