Key skills and components to the design process

Brief Development

We will listen to your hopes, ideas and dreams for your project and create a brief to give to your Architect or we can find a good
Architect for you.

Building Assessment
We can review existing buildings to determine suitability for refurbishment or change of use.

Client representative
We will work with your design professionals to review the functionally of the interior spaces and to provide
a blended approach to delivering the project.

Space Engineering
Applies more to schools or the professional workplace rather than a residential project, and involves the calculation
of the quantity of space required to enable the functionality of the Business or School within a building.
We will provide an in-depth review of the current operation of the business and provide solutions for efficient use of space
in the building and optimize communication between departments and customers. Or provide guidance in changing your work style
for flexibility in the work force or remote staff; new ways of Learning and how architecture and the organization of space can support
the business methodology. We will provide a space solutions which outwardly reflects the Business or School’s philosophical approach
to its business customers and staff. Space engineering is an integral part of the Brief Development process for the Professional Workplace
and Educational Campus.

Space Planning
We provide sketch plans to test out ideas, furniture layouts sizes for spaces and adjacencies. Working within the existing shell
of a building or developing your architects space planning for new buildings.

Interior Design
We will create a concept to suit your vision or create a concept for you, with options for you to choose from.
We will prepare mood boards with color schemes, textures, fabrics, materials, images and sketches to illustrate the design concept.
We are adaptable and able to create many different styles whether Traditional or Contemporary; Island or City loft; Corporate or Creative.

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
As a continuation from the interior design process we can source product locally or form all over the world
and ensure that it is co-ordinated with the architectural and engineering design teams. We can manage the purchasing and customs process
and deliver it to your site on any island. If you wish we can also work with your designer and assist in them delivery of the furniture which they have selected for your project
on any island in the Bahamas.

Our Associates
We collaborate with other professionals in the Bahamas and worldwide to provide the very best consultancy and technical advice for whatever your project needs.
They are specialists in their field and/or have local island knowledge, from building control to the local water taxi. In addition to Upholsters, Cabinet makers,
Artists, Architects we collaborate with MEP Engineers, Sustainability Engineers, IT Consultants, Quantity Surveyors, Architectural Draughts men,
Project Managers, Real Estate Developers and Transport Providers.